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Thursday Mini Bowling (6:45) - begin 1/17 (Free Play 1/10) (8 weeks)  Bowling · Co-Ed Recreational

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Winter I (beg. wk of 1/14) 2019
Jan 17 ’19
Mar 14 ’19
Registration Dates:
Sep 28 ’17 – Jan 17 ’19 regular
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun 6:45pm to 8:45pm

3+ person team play

Team Fees
Regular $100.00 per team

Mini Bowling season is upon us!

League Play begins week of 1/17/18... In the meantime - we will be having FREE minibowling on your league night until the season starts...

You will not have league play on 1/31/19 due to a private event.

This is our first league of 2019.
Your $100 team fee includes:
  • A minimum of three games per night, per person (cost included in fees)
  • All teams eligible for prizes, gift cards, and other goodies from our sponsors.
The rules are real simple:
1. Each team rolls 9 games a night (broken up into three  - 3 game rounds)
2.     You compete, match play style against another bowler - higher score wins
3. Each round has 4 potential points - 1 for each match and 1 for the highest team score over the three games.
4. Three total rounds (so... 12 points total are out there to win)
5.     You can have as many players as you want on a team, 3 minimum.
6.     Play order is determined prior to match starting

7.     For early leagues (when applicable) - no matches may begin after 8:40... if you dont complete the 9 games in the alloted timeframe - the teams split the remaining matches

8.     For the "last" league of the night - the lanes will remain on free play...  Excessive gambling is encouraged.  We might even seed the pot from time to time.

We will have more detailed rules, and a brief introductory class at the beginning...

League Notes:

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