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Free Agent Fees

Register with this site to get our Woodland's Backyard Volleyball updates, discount codes, and access to early registration.  If you sign up here - you will be added to a priority registration list - giving you access to upcoming leagues ahead of John Q. Public.

Make sure you also opt-in to our text service so you can get even more access to our up-to-minute deals, etc. 

Basic schedule:

Summer Session 1: Begins Mid-April

Summer Session 2: Begins Mid June

Summer Session 3: Begins Mid August

Dome Construction  (Early October)

Dome Opens, Session 1: Mid October (in 2019 it likely will be later, due to construction)

Dome Session 2: Early January - Late March/Early April

Dome Tear Down: Early April.


Winter: TBD

Summer: Between $125-$350, depending on the day/time

*You do not need to sign-up here if you already receive emails from us.

*I shouldn't even have to say this but signing up here does not guarantee you any spot in a league.

Any questions - email or text 614-940-5003

League Notes:

Now accepting registrations!

583 spots left

583 spots left for free agents

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